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6100 Sardis Road
Charlotte, NC 28270

Sardis Presbyterian Church - Charlotte, North Carolina

Join us Sundays - 9 & 11 am

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Estate gifts

What is your dream for Sardis?
One current Sardis couple have graciously included a portion of their estate to be used for improvement of playground equipment. Others have chosen to enhance our Christian Education department. Dr. Boyce’s original gift in 1977 was specifically for assisting members studying for the ministry or CE degrees. Read about one such gift here. It is impossible to imagine the Sardis we love today without the dedicated generosity of those who have gone before. What is your dream for Sardis?

Planned giving is not just for the wealthy few.
A few Sardis members over the years have been blessed with great wealth, but that has not been the norm. Sardis members are largely of modest means. They have worked hard and saved to leave assets for their families. They have been very generous as members in life, so why include Sardis in their wills? Because Sardis is a family, a family with a history and a future. Giving part of one’s estate to Sardis satisfies the desire to be a part of that future, and will strengthen the church’s outreach for Christ in this community decades after we are gone. Gifts to the Trust may be designated for one of the established funds or gifts over $10,000 can be given to establish an entirely new fund to be used for a specific purpose the donor elects.

Bequests by Will
A gift to your church through your will (or revocable trust) enables you to retain the asset during your lifetime and provide significant support when you no longer require the asset. You may choose a specific value, percentage or the residual value of your estate. Please let your church know your intentions. Any amount or percent may be given. To do this, you will have to make your will or add codicil. Make sure to contact Sardis Presbyterian Church with this information.

Retirement Assets
In some cases, retirement plans can be the best asset for a donor to leave to your church. Retirement assets can be taxed up to 70% upon inheritance. Naming Sardis as the beneficiary can avoid that taxation as assets can pass tax free to charitable organizations. Your advisor can help you decide if this fits with your overall estate plan.

Beneficiary Designations
Designate your chuch as a beneficiary of an account or policy. This is a simple and inexpensive way to remember your church in the future.*

Before making any serious financial decisions, please consult your financial advisor, or contact Jerry Reed 704.365.2707 or email for assistance.


Investment accounts
"TOD" or "Transfer on Death": At death this designation immediately moves designated investment securities to a new owner-your church if you wish.

Bank accounts
"POD" or "Payable on Death": transfers bank accounts to the POD beneficiary. You may wish to consider a bank account not needed by heirs-to benefit your church.

Life insurance
If your insurance policy is no longer needed, you could simply change your church to be the primary beneficiary of the existing policy. If your loved ones still need the security of the policy, consider listing your church as a contingent beneficiary. 

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We will be working with The Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders in Panama City, Florida (April 26-May 1)

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