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Become a part of this Christian community, learn what the call to be a Christian means in your life, explore your faith, and discover how to live as a disciple of Jesus the Christ. Our goal is to help you grow and mature as a follower of Jesus the Christ as we offer a variety of classes, groups, and opportunities for faith formation.

Mid-week Bible Study

Joe B. will be leading, From Wilderness to Promise through the Generations. This year we will start with the generation of the Chil

Midweek Bible Study on The Prophet Amos: God’s Messenger of Justice and Mercy

After civil war divided the Kingdom of Israel in two, the northern Kingdom of Israel fell into idolatry and injustice. God sent a shepherd named Amos from the southern Kingdom of Judah to prophesy against Israel with some very hard things for them to hear, but concluding with a message of hope. Join us as we study that generation and discuss what we can learn about how to live out our faith in our generation.

One lesson with two class options starts January 5th and 6th and will continue on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. and Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. in Room 210 and on Zoom.

Reading Assignments:
January 5/6…………..None
January 12/13………Amos 1-2
January 19/20………Amos 3-4
January 26/27………Amos 5
February 2/3…………Amos 6
February 9/10………Amos 7-8
February 16/17 ……Amos 9
February 23/24……..None

Coming in March: The Gospel and Letters of John
One lesson with three class options starts March 9/10. In March and April, the third class option will be at Matthews Glen on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. in the chapel. 

Adult Sunday School

There are many options for Sunday School, both in-person, on Zoom, and hybrid! If you are interested in forming a new Sunday School class, or would like an opportunity to gather on Zoom or in person during the Sunday School hour, please let Katie know!

  • Salty Fish Fellowship will be meeting in Room 210 and on Zoom. We are led by Anne and Ed Shoaf, Les and Martha Ellen Ingles, Tom Bowling, and Chick Byrd. We will finish our Advent series on December 19, join the single 10:a.m. worship on December 26, and take one more look at Adam Hamilton’s “Half Truths” on January 2. On January 9 we will start a new study of Sermon on the Mount: A Beginner’s Guide to the Kingdom of Heaven by Amy-Jill Levine.  All are welcome to join us in person or via Zoom as together we support each other while we Praise, Learn, Love, Serve, Share, and Witness.  Contact Ed Shoaf for the Zoom information.
  • Reading for Reformed Reflection: Led by Dale LeCount and John Todd, the RRR Class meets on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. in Room 214 and on Zoom. We seek to focus upon current issues related to our Reformed faith as Christ’s disciples.  During the season between Epiphany and Easter we are reading and discussing Living Into Covenant, a new book by Old Testament scholar Dr. Walter BrueggemannHe takes us through the intriguing journey of the Exodus people, as they face the challenges of becoming a people of belief and trust in God.  From the foot of Mt. Sinai where Moses delivers the Ten Commandments, through the wilderness wanderings and the building of the tabernacle, to the crossing of the Jordan River into the Promised Land, the author provides fascinating insights as to how we are called to live and serve as people of faith in our world today.  Please join us in Room 214 or contact Dale LeCount for the Zoom information.
  • Crossroads: Led by Jan Rosser, Dave Archer, and Chuck Bohlen, this class meets in Room 211 for Bible study in a lecture format. Currently, we are studying the book of Acts.
  • Robert Pharr Men’s Class: Led by Bob Ewing, this class will meet in Room 212 for Bible study. All men are welcome!
  • Discussing Bible Books and Topics: Led by Norm Schul, this class will meet in Room 108. All adults are welcome as we gather to study the 10 Commandments through Love Carved in Stone, a video-based study by Eugenia Anne Gamble.
  • Bible Study for Women: Led by Pat Campbell, women of all ages and biblical knowledge are invited to gather on Zoom for a time of reflection on God’s Word. This fall, we will study a sample of Proverbs in the fall before we tackle 2 Corinthians Contact Pat for the Zoom information if you’d like to join the class!