You are invited to worship with us this Sunday at 9:00 in the Fellowship Hall and 11:00 in the Sanctuary. Both worship services are also available on Facebook & YouTube.

Sardis Serves Together is a new term Mission Ministry has given to our congregation-wide mission events (formally known as Give One Day). This title aims to convey how mission is something we do together with God, with all ages of the church, and with our mission partners and neighbors in need in the community. At a Sardis Serves Together event we may serve with a local mission partner like Families Forward Charlote, as we are doing today, or we may connect with a mission partner who works globally, like Rise Against Hunger. We hope these events will help us understand our mission more deeply and equip us to serve together all year long. 

We serve together with God. When we participate in mission we seek to join in God’s mission and follow Christ’s example who served with humility, grace and love.  

We serve together with all ages of our church and community.  All of God’s children deserve to be included in the body of Christ and each of them have gifts and passions to contribute to God’s mission.  

We serve together with our mission partners. When we participate in mission we seek to work as companions, and we resist labeling others as “less than” or “less fortunate” and us as the only givers and servers. We embody this by serving together, ensuring each companion is heard and has leadership in the mission. Those with needs are equipped and empowered to improve their own lives and reach their goals.  

We serve together every day of the year. God’s holistic mission leads us to work for the world where God’s promised abundant life is experienced by all people. As we work towards this, we also help ensure that the essential needs of others are met. Eradicating issues like hunger, homelessness and poverty won’t happen overnight or be accomplished in one day. Over time, as Sardis Serves Together, we hope to be a part of we creating a world that reflects God’s shalom, justice, wholeness, and well-being.  

Join us for Sardis Serves Together on Sunday, January 29 from 10:00am – 1:30pm.

We will have a day of worship, education and mission for ALL ages of children youth and adults. We are partnering with Families Forward Charlotte for this event and our mission project will be packing weekend food bags for 120 children and essential baskets for 60-70 families.

10:00am: Worship in the Sanctuary
11:00am – 1:30pm: Lunch, educational component for all ages and hands on mission projects in the Fellowship Hall.

Sardis Serves Together is a new term we are using for events like “Give One Day” where the entire Sardis community comes together to serve alongside our mission partners. We hope these events, whether they partner with a local organization like Families Forward Charlotte or an organization like Rise Against Hunger, will help us understand our mission more deeply and equip us to serve together all year long.

Please sign up, invite a friend and bring your entire family to Sardis Serves Together!

Rev. Allysen Schaaf is doing research on perspectives and practices of Christian mission for her Doctorate of Ministry Project. Please fill out a survey BEFORE attending worship and the Sardis Serves Together event on January 29, 2023. You will be asked to fill out another survey immediately following the event on January 29 and a final survey in March/April.