You are invited to worship with us this Sunday at 10:00 in the Fellowship Hall. The worship service will also be available on Facebook & YouTube. Sunday School for all ages is at 9:00 a.m.

Our Leadership

2024 Officers and Ministry Chairpersons

Clerk of Session: John Hovis

Assistant Clerk: Donna Harwood

Carol Apel
Charles Coddington
Brett Harris
John Hovis
Sarah Morgan
Anne Shoaf
Vernon Sumwalt

Liz Alba
Karen Carpenter
Brooke Neal
Bill Taylor
Dave Templeman
Doyle Williams

Deborah Barkley
Aric Beals
Linda Cropper
Donna Harwood
Randy Long
Julius Torrence

Moderator of Deacons: Glenda Thompson Vice Moderator of Deacons: Mark Barrett

Jim Hollern
Laurie Hoots
Hasty Millen
Pamela Stirling
Glenda Thompson

Susan Aulebach
Amy Dockery
Penny Frazier
Emily Oelz
Mark Sessler
Mike Strawn

Mark Barrett
Jung Lee
Lin Leslie
Krista Norwood
Emily Simpson

2024 Session Ministry Chairs and Vice-Chairs
Administration: Carol Apel
Finance: Karen Carpenter
Property: Chris Lueck
Stewardship: Randy Long
Clerks: John Hovis, Donna Harwood
Faith Formation: Kelly Cruse, Anne Shoaf
Adult Faith Formation: Anne Shoaf
Youth Faith Formation: Doyle Williams
Children’s Faith Formatoin: Christy Barreett
Personnel: Brett Harris, Aric Beals
Worship: Vernon Sumwalt, Dave Templeman

2024 Diaconate Ministries Chairs and Vice-Chairs
Fellowship: Penny Frazier, Hasty Millen
Life & Care: Stephen Yount
Membership: Glenda Thompson
Missions: Susan Aulebach, Bill Taylor

2024 Other Committee Chairs
Columbarium/Cemetery: David Blackley, Jim Pressly
Sardis Gift Trust: Tim Cropper
Sports & Recreation: Mike Strawn