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Our Leadership

2021 Officers and Ministry Chairpersons

Clerk of Session: Marilyn Dougherty

Assistant Clerk: Bruce Simpson

Rob Aulebach
Sarah Beals
Sallie Crossley
Marilyn Dougherty
Alfred Newman
Vick Phillips
Amy Read

Cary Campbell
Alice Glefke
Vic Lisciani
Canon Moore
Joe Peterson
Robert Vanderford

Chuck Bohlen
Buster Cox
Kelly Cruse
Doug Powell
Leigh Sellers
Bruce Simpson

Moderator of Deacons: Gary Leslie

Vice Moderator of Deacons: Melinda Wilkinson

Deborah Barkley
Steven Coleman
Vicky Hovis
Gary Leslie
Micah Martin
Brenda McKay

Leon Dean
Gloria Hall
Donna Harwood
Myra Mattingly
Melinda Wilkinson
Stephen Yount

Chick Byrd
Cathy Lankford
Dan Norman
Mary Simpson
Brenda Woodcock

2021 Session Ministry Chairs and Vice-Chairs
Administration: Joe Peterson
Clerks: Marilyn Dougherty, Bruce Simpson
Faith Formation: Amy Read
Personnel: Cary Campbell, Doug Powell
Worship: Alfred Newman, Vick Phillips

2021 Diaconate Ministries Chairs and Vice-Chairs
Fellowship: Donna Harwood, Cathy Lankford
Life & Care: Kristi Brownlee, Penny Frazier Membership: Dan Norman
Missions: Vic Lisciani, Chick Byrd

2021 Other Committee Chairs
Columbarium/Cemetery: David Blackley, Bo Tucker
Sardis Gift Trust: Bruce Simpson
Sardis Weekday School: Rob Aulebach, Elder Liaison
Sports & Recreation: Steve Coleman