You are invited to worship with us this Sunday at 9:00 in the Fellowship Hall and 11:00 in the Sanctuary. Both worship services are also available on Facebook & YouTube.

Sardis Presbyterian Church Earth Care Congregation Vision:
As an Earth Care Congregation, we embrace the Sardis vision of “Exploring Faith. Changing Lives” for our community to thrive as stewards of God’s creation. We will be inclusive of all generations and called to equip disciples of Jesus Christ to impact the world by:

Praising: using our Worship to express gratitude for God’s good creation and to understand our responsibility for it.

Learning: providing Education for ourselves and our community about God’s earth, the threats to it, and the ways we can preserve and heal our world.

Serving: engaging in Outreach by participating with our community to protect and restore the vulnerable earth and to provide environmental justice for oppressed and vulnerable people.

Witnessing: managing our Facilities as good stewards of resources so that all will know we are answering God’s call to care for creation.

From the oldest Biblical traditions, we are called to care for creation. A new effort under the Missions Ministry is arising within Sardis to answer that call to care for our world.  The Earth Care team embraces the Sardis vision of “Exploring Faith, Changing Lives” and equipping disciples to impact the world by being good stewards of God’s creation.  Through worship, education, outreach, and facilities, the Earth Care team will guide Sardis Presbyterian’s journey to earn the PC(USA) Earth Care Congregation designation.

In 2023, we look forward to broadening the Sardis impact on caring for earth through new creative and intentional efforts.  We welcome your ideas. We are seeking people for all four teams and your commitment to the team can be short or long term.  Attend a meeting, join in our conversations and decide what level of participation you desire. Contact Shannon Klug for more information.


Steering Team Members

  • Allysen Schaaf – Pastor/Adviser
  • Shannon Klug — Communications
  • Ed Shoaf — Worship team chair
  • Judy Laedlein  — Education team co-chair
  • Scottie Lindsay — Education team co-chair
  • Scott Lindsay — Outreach team co-chair
  • Andy Lankford — Outreach team co-chair
  • Dick Puryear  Facilities team chair

Book Recommendations

  • Inhabiting Eden by Patricia K. Tull
  • The Green Good News by T. Wilson Dickinson
  • Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World by  Katharine Hayhoe