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Room In The Inn

Sardis to Host Room in the Inn

Sardis Presbyterian Church’s mission states Exploring Faith. Changing Lives. What better way to demonstrate our faith than to invest in our local community by participating in the Room in the Inn program.  Roof Above has announced it will once again be operating the Room in the Inn a life changing program this year. Sardis because of our long history bas been asked to serve as a host location for our neighbors in need. Your Session and Mission Ministry agree that it is our calling to participate in this program again.

In light of the current pandemic situation proper procedures to ensure the health and safety of all involved is at the top of our list. Room Above and Sardis have developed protocols with safety as the key component. Click here to review the protocols that will be followed by Roof Above and Sardis.

Room in the Inn Protocol – Sardis Presbyterian Church

This year there are a few changes from prior years. Neighbors will be hosted in the months January through March 2022, one night per week. We will host 8-10 neighbors per evening. This is to ensure that neighbors are socially distanced in the sleeping quarters. Meals and social time will also be handled differently than in the past.

Some of the RITI leaders from the past years are already working to put together teams of volunteers to serve our neighbors. We need you to volunteer to show that Sardis cares. There are many ways to volunteer but we need to know you are willing to serve. Contact Vic Lisciani. We need you!