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Sardis Gift Trust

Donors  to the Sardis Gift Trust Impact the Future Now

Sardis Presbyterian Church is Exploring Faith and Changing Lives by Praising, Learning, Loving, Serving, Sharing, and Witnessing.  To accomplish this mission now and for future generations, financial resources are needed beyond giving towards the annual budget.

The Sardis Gift Trust is a collection of endowment funds administered by the Sardis Gift Trust Commission, subject to the ultimate direction and authority of the Session, which supports the mission of Sardis Presbyterian Church beyond its annual operating budget.

The Sardis Gift Trust is comprised of multiple funds within the following main categories:

  • Sardis General Endowments
  • Sardis Benevolence Endowments
  • Sardis Christian Service Endowments
  • Sardis Property Improvement Endowments

There is no minimum donation to the Sardis Gift Trust and gifts may be made at any time. Gifts may take many forms, can occur during any phase of life, and be in any amount.

Opportunities for Giving:

  • Direct contributions such as cash, check, credit card
  • Stocks & Securities
  • IRA Qualified Charitable donation
  • Bequests through a Will
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Gifts of Property

*This list is not exhaustive and various options have different tax implications. Please consult with your financial, tax and/or legal counsel to determine the best option specific to your situation.

Please click on the following link Sardis Gift Trust Brochure for further information on the Sardis Gift Trust.

Contact us if you would like additional information or have any questions:
The Sardis Gift Trust Commission | Email: | Phone:  704-366-1854

Sardis Presbyterian Church Ministry/Staff Use Only

Request for Use of Sardis Gift Trust Funds
Please use this link to complete your request for funds from the Sardis Gift Trust.  If you have any questions, contact the Director of Operations or email the Sardis Gift Trust ministry.